MediaFlake is a team of digital media experts that use science and engineering to create products and provide services.

We provide consultation for digital media production pipelines and technologies.
For more details please contact us at contact[at]mediaflake[dot]com.

For our audio related products and services check out our main brand SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs

Company Information

MediaFlake Ltd
Software and Media Development, Supply & Distribution
Agiou Dimitriou 41, 18546, Piraeus
Attiki, Athens, Greece
VAT ID: EL997735980
Central Commercial Registry Number: 139229999000
Registration Number: 277317
Managing Director: Panagiotis Kouvelis

Useful Contacts

General inquiries: contact[at]mediaflake[dot]com
Customer Support: support[at]mediaflake[dot]com
Billing: billing[at]mediaflake[dot]com
Managing Director: panos.kouvelis[at]mediaflake[dot]com

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